Sunday, June 2, 2013

Video Breakdown: Luan Oliveira Firing Line

Everyone knows that Luan Oliveira is good. But I still don't feel like he gets talked about enough, so let's break down the absurdity of how good he is by checking out his firing line, step by step.
So we start out with this perfectly caught tre flip down a small, but fairly long set of stairs:

So what? Any respectable sponsored skater could do the same. Some time around when he sets up for this ridonkulous frontside half-cab flip, you realize that Luan is regular footed, and that what you just saw was really a switch 360 flip.

It's around this point that I like to think that Luan is crazy not just in the colloquial sense, but in a way that he has a delusion that a mugger is attacking him, and he is kicking him in the face mid-air while doing this trick. Then this happens:

This only solidifies my theory that Luan is delusional and that here he thinks that a small child is standing on the sidewalk, and that is what motivated him to pop this nollie heelflip higher than your average 6 year old. There's no other earthly explanation for him getting that much height.

So then this frontside flip happens. I'd like to point out that he's been going so fast this whole time that by the time he catches his kickflip well over the sign, he is fading  into the horizon. This is also around the time you see the annotations from Thrasher and you curse the fact that this line had to end.

All this in a single line that he was willing to put out on the internet- because the stuff for his full part is the good stuff.

The guy is nuts, to the point I can't overstate it.

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