Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BATB 6=Amazing

Well, yet another Battle at the Berrics has taken place, and what a tournament it was. The final four included Shane O'Neill vs. P-Rod on the goofy section and PJ vs. Mike Mo on the regs. SPOILER: PJ Ladd won, so congrats to him.

So I'm just going to post the links to the finals night videos and point out some of my favorite parts.
Shane vs. Paul
PJ vs. Mike Mo
For third place:Shane vs. Mike Mo
FTW: PJ vs. Paul

Basically, I only have 4 things to point out that I think are awesome:

1. Donovan Strain is alive and well, and was present on finals night- If you haven't seen "Butteryass Mondays" I suggest you start looking right now. The man always had great ideas to keep that show interesting, and him being at the Berrics tells me that he and Berra have buried the hatchet and we might see more of him.
2. Gary Rogers apparently doesn't know how Ro Sham Bo works (or as the sane people on the east coast call it, 'Rock, Paper, Scissors"). He famously called Andrew Reynolds "Rick Reynolds" to his face not very long ago, so I have shifted from thinking that he's ignorant to just thinking he's constantly absent-minded. Which is me trying to find a nice way to say I suspect he's sort of dumb.
3. PJ Ladd deserves a better shoe sponsor than New Balance. I hope they at least treat him well over there.
4. When I was about to watch the finals video, I noticed that Jimmy Carlin was tagged, and I wondered why. It's because he's awesome, that's why, and he appears to be the only one in the room fully appreciating the sickness of what went down in that final battle by stripping down to his boxers and dancing around. If I had the balls too, I would absolutely do the same.

Thanks to the Berrics for all the entertainment they bring to skaters every day.


  1. Shane O'Neill = themostamazinglysoreloseronthefaceoftheplanet

    1. In his game against P-Rod? I don't remember seeing anything sore loserish, but I guess I missed it. What happened?