Thursday, January 15, 2015

Santa Monica Triple Set- ABD List

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Did you know that Ryan Gallant did a kickflip backside noseblunt down the clipper ledge? Because I didn't until quite recently, and when I came across it, I stumbled onto the ABDarchives page for the famous clipper ledge.

Before I continue, just reflect on how awesome Ryan Gallant is, both for doing that trick and every other trick he's ever blessed our eyeballs with. Are we done reflecting? Good.

Anyway, I began to wonder what other famous spots had such pages, only to realize that very few seem to exist. Of course, a couple of famous spots are pretty well cataloged in other ways, so the most famous spot I could think of next was the Santa Monica triple set. When I began, I really didn't realize how much stuff had gone down at Santa Monica, but the spot always interested me. It's very distinct in videos, as it sits right on the beach and has a long history of crazy tricks going down there. It's a gap that is big enough that nobody really steps to it unless they're serious, but yet it's still manageable enough to be open to all kinds of possibilities- as we will see.

What I have here is (I think) a good start of a list of all the notable tricks that have happened at the Santa Monica triple set. I do acknowledge, however, that I almost certainly missed a few and for that reason, I'm asking for your help! If you know of another trick that has gone down at the set, let me know in the comments. I'll be updating the list as I discover new tricks.

NOTE: I apologize for the speed of the GIF's being kind of messed up. I couldn't find a better way to make them that didn't speed up the clip by almost double, so I tried to use slow motion video clips where possible so that they wouldn't quite have that weird hummingbird effect. Since this page is kind of heavy, the speed might also change depending on your internet connection, but I tried to be good about saying where each clip comes from so you could go see it for yourself if you choose.

For now, let's dive deep into skateboarding history and really appreciate some of the incredible feats that have gone down at this historic skate spot.

It was way back in 1993 that New World Order came out and Kareem Campbell opened up his part with an ollie down the triple set. Kareem's style is still great to watch today.