Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Most Crucial BATB Additions

I have to admit- I REALLY like watching Battle at the Berrics. I think it's something about the fact that it's competitive, but the skaters participating are kind of forced into a more fun, spontaneous environment, which is extremely like any other contest. It's also really cool to see guys who would normally be hucking themselves onto a handrail just messing around on some flatground.

Alright, now enough of the praise. Battle of the Berrics could be even awesomer with just a few key additions to the roster in the next tournament. Given that they generally run two BATB tournaments per year, we can expect that another one will be starting up some time in the next few months. I assume it will be a few weeks after this Run and Gun thing is over. So Steve, if you're reading this (you're not), you should totally take these suggestions seriously.

1. Issey Yumiba
Have you seen this guy skate? He can do anything he wants. In the Almost video ("5 Incher" AKA that video that was filled with awkward dick jokes) Issey demonstrates his ability to do all kinds of awkward flip tricks, some of which are in lines. He even does a fakie hardflip over a table. You don't try a hardflip over a picnic table unless you've pretty much gotten bored with all the other flip tricks that you've been able to get over a picnic table. Given that he rolls with the Almost camp, I'm sure he toys around with all sorts of crazy tricks too. And on that note...

2. Chris Haslam
 That's right, let's get some more Almost action in here. Though technically, this is just me suggesting to consider RE-entering him into the contest. I think after David Gonzalez beat him in the first round a little while ago, people have had this idea that Chris isn't worthy. Indeed, it seemed weird at the time that some hesh kid from South America would take down a seasoned, well-known, technical pro like Chris Haslam. That was before we understood just how next-level David Gonzalez is though, back in BATB 2. Let's really analyze this situation, since this is a blog called "SkateNerder" and that's what we do here. Chris missed what looked like a varial heel, frontside 360, nollie 360 flip, nollie inward heel, front foot impossible, and a switch backside flip. David missed a 360 flip and a switch flip early on, but after that, proceeded to not miss a single trick. With that list of missed tricks, it really could have happened to anyone. Chris Haslam on a good day- with all his late flips and switch laser flips would be absolutely bananas to watch. I say we give him another chance. You can watch it again and judge for yourself though.

3. Vincent Alvarez
I don't know what this guy's status is or anything- it looks like he was injured a little while ago when Royal Trucks did a United Nations at The Berrics. Even though he was injured, he still got a trick. BATB needs that spark back- some young dude just coming in and putting their body on the line all in the name of fun. Plus, Alvarez is clearly absurdly talented, as proven by his part in "Pretty Sweet" and I definitely think he has some switch tricks that he could trip people up on. Berra, get him on the roster right MEOW!

4. Tom Penny
Honestly, I'll just take any excuse to watch Tom Penny skate some flatground. Hell, he might even get a couple letters, but that's not even the important part- the important part is the rest of us being able to see that he's still alive and skating. 

5. Dave Bachinsky
I think we all knew that Dave Bachinsky was something special when he kickflipped El Toro. What we didn't know is that it turns out he is an incredibly versatile skater with a bag of tricks bigger than Santa's toy bag. The guy isn't afraid to try crazy stuff like, say, I don't know a full cab heelflip to back disaster on a mini ramp.

 The guy is really good, and I really think he could make some waves if he ends up in BATB.

Those are my suggestions- feel free to leave yours in the comments.

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