Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly "Why Haven't I Seen This?"-12

With the plethora of skate footage that's out there, it can be easy to overlook things. And yet, so often we stumble upon a video that we've never heard of and find ourselves asking why we hadn't seen it before. Each week, I plan to post another lesser-known video that deserves more recognition, for your viewing pleasure.

Gustav T√łnnesen is one of those European skaters that comes in every now and then and just makes everything that American skaters are doing basically look like a joke. Nollie Bennett grinds in a line? Got 'em. Frontside half-cab flip down a 9 stair onto brick? Too easy. That frontside shuvit at 3:58 is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

Gustav rides for Sweet Skateboards, a European company that is most definitely killing it right now. Seriously, the whole team is sick.

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