Monday, August 26, 2013

A Brief Look Back at Street League Predictions

Ok, so clearly, I wasn't 100% right on all of my predictions for Street League. If you haven't seen them yet, check them out here. So now I'm going to go through all of the predictions and state how true they were, just for kicks and giggles.

1. Terrible camera work.
This was my most accurate prediction. For at least one trick, the camera was focused on a vacant quarter pipe WHILE  PAUL RODRIGUEZ WAS ATTEMPTING A TRICK. Several other times, the camera cut away from the skaters at awkward times or didn't get the best angle. It was terrible.

2. Everyone is going to pull some especially difficult tricks.
Hell yea they did. Paul did a nollie 270 to switch back lip. Luan did a frontside flip disaster on that big 'ole quarter pipe. 'Twas sick.

3. Nyjah is going to pull a hardflip backside 5-0 on the rail or hubba.
Didn't happen, sorry guys. Although I maintain that this was only because he missed and had to retry a couple of tricks in the impact section, which meant he didn't want to try a riskier one.

4. Better than average commentating.
Geoff Rowley spiced it up for sure, but my favorite line actually happened during the Diamond After-Party thing in which Felix, pretty much out of nowhere, said something like, "Hey, this is on the internet, can we curse? That might be kind of fun!" and then the other guy whose name I don't care to learn just sounded really apprehensive and said, "No, no, let's not do that." That was probably the first time I laughed out loud at something the announcers ever said on Street League

5. Sean Malto will most likely wind up in the bottom 2.
More like bottom 4. He had a really great day, and apparently he dedicated his runs to Mike Carroll since it was his birthday, so I guess that means that Mike Carroll is magic. Props to Malto for skating really well yesterday and/or discovering Carroll's magic.

6. ESPN will make a plug for a baseball or pre-season football in the middle of the game, and the realization that skateboarding is now being broadcast on a legitimate sports network will startle you.
Yes. And it did startle me.

7. Luan Oliveira looks extremely good to win.
Yea, he didn't win, but Chris Cole most definitely deserved the win and Nyjah also skated very well. Third place ain't bad.

8. Know that it will be extremely close.
Also true. Cole won over Nyjah by just 4 tenths of a point. The top 4 spots were within 8 points of each other, which means that of the tricks that counted, the average score of each person only varied by about 1.3 points.

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