Friday, July 31, 2015

An Overview of "Sour Solution"

So apparently all the key guys from the European Sweet Skateboards jumped ship late last year to start their own brand, Sour. I'm not sure why they all decided to leave, but you don't usually see that if the team is generally okay with where they are. Whatever the story behind that might be, they started their own brand and came out with The Sour Solution back in January. In the last week, the full video showed up on the web. I don't really care to 'review' the video other than to say I really liked it, but I think it might be fun to go through most of the parts to bring out some highlights.

Starting things off, we have a pretty entertaining bail section starring Simon Isaksson. At 1:45, there's a really cool trick where Simon does a Bennett grind where he grinds on the OTHÉR side of the ledge and then scares the hell out of a pedestrian, which makes it a line as far as I'm concerned. At 3:10 he starts a line by doing a slappy bluntslide (second one in this video part, mind you) and then ducks under a rail mid-slide. It's awesome.

The line at 1:05 here is just the best. The other awesome thing about this part is how far Kristofer can ollie, as demonstrated at 1:40-1:44.

Joseph Scott Jatta  just has great style. Stomps EVERYTHING. Jonas is cool too.

Albert Nyberg shouldn't have to prove to you that he's worth watching by now. Even so, look for the deceptively hard front shuv at 1:14 and the bluntslide 270 hardflip out at 1:25, which may very well be an NBD.

This part is short but sweet. I found myself asking how the hell he did pretty much every trick, so there's really no skippable moment here.

Barney Page's part starts off in an interesting way-it features a guy who clearly doesn't skate trying a varial flip and naming a bunch of tricks he knows, paired with clips of the tricks he names. It's a very relatable moment. It's a good video part, but for me, it's really hard to beat the perfection of the line at 3:25.

I've known for a while that Gustav ripped. I even featured him on my blog quite a while ago. He definitely does not disappoint in his new part. He's got a unique style and a solid bag of tricks, and he has the ability to make the techiest of tricks look easy. Using the same song that they used as the theme for The Wire was icing on top of an all-around good part. I don't even want to have to pick a standout trick or section, because it's all good, but I'll ask you to pay extra attention at around the 2 minute mark, where he ends a line with a bigspin front nose 270 out (the hard way, of course) and then the very next trick is a switch frontside darkslide. Two tricks you pretty much never see, and if you blink, you'd practically miss both of them. About a minute later he just does a series of tricks that really don't even seem possible. Whatever. This is a must-watch.

This part goes from good to great about two and a half minutes in. My favorite trick would have to be at 2:33 when he finds a way to pop a frontside flip out of a backside 5-0. You're just... not supposed to be able to do that. Loch Nisse Monster (my exclusive nickname for Nisse Ingemarsson) earns last part in this one.

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