Tuesday, June 14, 2016

KOTR Score Update

As I discuss in this post, I was curious to see who was winning in King of the Road so far, so I made this monstrosity in an attempt to tally up the scores.

This is the update as of 6/14/16. The scores are:

Toy Machine

Earned Score: 2370
Speculative Score: 2370


Earned Score: 2000
Speculative Score: 2150


Earned Score: 3740
Speculative Score: 4190

Birdhouse, somewhat unsurprisingly, appears to still be winning by a wide margin. Chocolate, on the other hand, is in last place despite having MVP Elijah Berle on the team.  Elijah's earned at least 1050 points by himself.
So why such a big difference in scores?

Simply put, Birdhouse just has the right combination of team members that pretty much any challenge is within reach. Clint and Jaws will do any weird challenge that is required of them, Clive has enough pop to ollie over anything, and Mike Davis can seemingly do just about any tech trick. Ben Raybourn has been absolutely destroying any trick having to do with transition.

And that's the real story here. Despite being on a team full of members that have been grabbing up as many points as possible, Ben Raybourn is only trailing Elijah by about 100 ponts. Elijah's been doing well because he's basically been grabbing up all of the high-point challenges, and his teammates have been shuffling around doing 20 and 30 point challenges.

So I'm ready to call it at this point: Birdhouse is going to get the three-peat. With a commanding lead and a can-do attitude, they really do seem unstoppable.

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