Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly "Why Haven't I Seen This?"-14

With the plethora of skate footage that's out there, it can be easy to overlook things. And yet, so often we stumble upon a video that we've never heard of and find ourselves asking why we hadn't seen it before. Each week, I plan to post another lesser-known video that deserves more recognition, for your viewing pleasure.

Comin' out of NYC, we've got Shane McGrane, so first and foremost-why don't more people have names that rhyme like that? It's got a nice ring to it. Secondly, Shane's skating really gets me hyped, especially for a guy that I had never heard of before a couple weeks ago when exploring the internet for video parts I hadn't yet seen. Is it because he pulls the most insanely hard tricks? No. Is it because he's jumping down the biggest set of stairs? No. Is it because all of his tricks are perfect? Not really, but that's okay, because there is a hell of finer things to like about Shane McGrane. For one thing, he seems to be able to quick-set his feet for tricks on really gnarly spots with no trouble. He does some cool and different tricks, like whatever you call that thing at 2:40, or that fastplant thing that he does at 6:21. He also has a way of doing ordinary tricks in a way that makes them seem totally fresh. Like how he floats his pop shuvits sort of vertically before catching them perfectly or how he seems to get just a little more hangtime on his 360 flips than he deserves. All of these little things, tied in with him doing a couple tricks that I have just flat out never seen before make for a pretty awesome video, and for that reason, I am proud to present this video to you guys.

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